darvag theater presents:

It's not about Pomegranates!

a new play by:
Sepideh Khosrowjah
Ana Bayat King
Richard Reinholdt

directed by:
Hamid Ehya
Thursday through Sunday
March 31- APRIL 10, 2011
8 PM
running time: 90 minutes


The Boxcar Playhouse
505 Natoma Street (at 6th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94103

tickets: $20

info and reservation:510- 982-6311

From the press release:
H.L. Menken once defined love as the triumph of imagination over intelligence. In Sepideh Khosrowjah’s latest play It is not about Pomegranates!, a play replete with both imagination and intelligence, a pair of evenly-matched lovers fight, flirt, reveal innermost secrets, and conceal the most basic human desires. When Atoosa, an Iranian-American playwright meets Sean, a San Francisco theater company manager, for the first time to discuss Atoosa’s play, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not a simple business meeting. Sean’s Office becomes an arena in which casual small talk quickly soars into complex philosophical meditations on life, love and being. The passion of the encounter turns into a full blaze that leaves nothing but ashes and cinder of long-held cultural and gender stereotypes. In the best Hawksian tradition, protagonists who are capable of articulating the most complex ideas about the world become tongue-tied to express the simplest human emotions. As Shakespeare would say: Aye, there’s the rub; for the way to human heart is never a straight path and is rarely guarded by rationality.
Ms. Khosrowjah, whose impressive body of work as a playwright spans three decades and a wide range of themes and styles, in her first long piece in English has fashioned a tour-de-force that seamlessly weaves personal and social, timeless and historical, and absurd and serious.

Photo: Jon R. King

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